Asher is a male elf character who appears in JumpStart Magic & Mythies.


Asher has short, shaggy blond hair and light brown eyes. He has two insect-like antenna sticking out of his head, and pointy ears. He wears a green vest with a leaf-like texture over a white shirt, dark brown pants and boots, and a brown belt and arm warmers.

Personality and Characteristics

Asher's titles are "Elf Leader" and "Prophecy’s Chosen One". He was was born in Lumindale, and he possesses the element of light. He is 170 years old in elf years, which is equivalent to 17 human years.

Asher is brave, optimistic, and has a strong moral compass. He has doubts about whether he is worthy of being a leader, and this drives to be hardworking and ambitious. He is not comfortable with his role as a leader, but he strives to fulfill the expectations that are set for him.

A vision predicted that Asher would lead the elves in a battle against darkness. Willow became his mentor, and took him under her wing to train him. Asher is respected by the other elves, and he doesn't want to disappoint anyone. He quickly became friends with Holly, and she acts as his second-in-command. Rowan is another close ally, and Asher often looks to him for advice when he is doubting himself. Asher has a huge crush on Laurel and gets nervous whenever he speaks to her. Cypress is the only elf who Asher doesn't get along with as well, since Cypress believes he should be the leader and isn't as willing to accept that Asher has that role instead. Asher also has a BrightMare Mythie named Dawn, and the two of them work incredibly well together and are practically inseparable.

Asher's profile on the JumpStart website states that his phobias include bugs and arachnids, and that his hobbies include racing, flying Mythies, exercising, practicing magic, and climbing trees.


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