The Bookshelf is an activity in the Classroom in JumpStart 2nd Grade. It is designed to teach language arts for second graders.



First, the player must choose a book from the bookshelf, and then choose which story from the book they'd like to read.

The player must complete the stories by filling in the blanks. Each blank has a note underneath it which tells what type of word belongs there, such as a color or a place. There is a group of words in front of the book, and the player must click and drag words to the blanks.

When a word is placed in a blank space, if it is correct, part of a picture will appear on the opposite page. When the player has finished filling in the page with words, the page with the picture will be completed.

The entire story is finished once the player has completed all of the pages in it.

The player must drag a word to Edison for a definition.

This activity doesn't have difficulty levels.

Books and Stories

  • Knuckle-Head Nouns
    • Clarence the Clown (by Mark Towner)
    • Grandma and the Bear (by Mark Towner)
  • Very Scary Verbs
    • Old Man Jenkins (by Glynnis Campbell)
    • The Bed Bugs (by Glynnis Campbell)
  • Adventures in Adjectives
    • Katie Gleason's Band (by Mark Beckwith)
    • Dynamo Girl Saves the Day (by Christopher Blake Williams)

List of Words Appearing in the Activity

Knuckle-Head Nouns

Clarence the Clown
  • pillow/alarm clock
  • shoes/pants
  • donut/carrot
  • Mr. Bingling/Mother Clown
  • garden hose/rake
  • nose/rear end
  • rocket/car
Grandma and the Bear
  • Japan/England
  • bathtub/rocking chair
  • sandals/boots
  • park/lake
  • money/honey
  • cat/parakeet
  • art museum/amusement park

Very Scary Verbs

Old Man Jenkins
  • giggled/cringed
  • crept/charged
  • waving/dropping
  • breathe/growl
  • glared/blinked
  • raced/crawled
  • hollered/whispered
The Bed Bugs
  • dance/bounce
  • bend/stretch
  • snore/yell
  • play/explore
  • burp/sneeze
  • scratch/bump
  • wash/fold

Adventures in Adjectives

Katie Gleason's Band
  • pink/silver
  • light/heavy
  • amused/annoyed
  • worried/pleased
  • rock/polka
  • complex/simple
Dynamo Girl Saves the Day
  • underwater/mountaintop
  • metal/wooden
  • spiral/straight
  • glass/steel
  • two/four

Edison's Dialogue

  • "You can choose one of these stories from the table of contents."
  • "Some of the words have come off the pages."

Digital manual description


Digital manual image

Read Edison's favorite books!

To choose from Adventures In Adjectives, Very Scary Verbs, or Knucklehead Nouns, just click on the book:

Adventures in Adjectives:

Katie Gleason's Band
Dynamo Girl Saves The Day

Very Scary Verbs:

Old Man Jenkins
The Bed Bugs

Knucklehead Nouns:

Clarence The Clown
Grandma And The Bear

Use The Books

  • Click on the story you want to read.
  • Turn the pages, click on the Yellow Arrows below the book.
  • Each book has either nouns, verbs, or adjectives that are missing from the stories. There are two pages for each story. You will need to fill in the blanks from the list of words at the bottom of the screen for each page. When you have completed one page, it will automatically turn to the next page.
  • Click on a word to pick it up, then click again to place it in the right space. Edison reads the story to you when you are done.
  • Click on the Green Arrow to close the book.
  • Click on the Green Arrow again to return to the classroom