Ludwig van Bothoveen is a male-programmed robot in JumpStart Adventures 3rd Grade: Mystery Mountain who is built in the form of a door knocker on the door to the Music Hall. Like his namesake Ludwig van Beethoven, he appears to be going deaf.


Bothoveen appears as a golden head with messy hair similar to that of his namesake's and the same color as his head. He's surrounded by 2 very light purple octagons with one bigger than the other. When he's not active, he appears to be a golden hemisphere.

Personality & Characteristics

Not much is known about Bothoveen, but there are a few known facts about him. Like all the other robots, he is a friend to Botley. He's shown to be helpful to the player by giving hints. Since he's going deaf, he must be an old robot.

In the Game

Bothoveen is either the gatekeeper, greeter, or guard to the Music Hall. He serves as the host of the Music Hall door activity. If the player clicks on the red button next to the scrambled word, he'll give the player a hint on what it is.


  • Bothoveen speaks instead of Botley when the player clicks on the help button on the Toolbar.
  • His name is a portmanteau of "Beethoven" and "bot".


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