Buster is a robot character appearing exclusively in JumpStart Adventures 3rd Grade: Mystery Mountain. He is never named in-game, but only in the user's guide (including the digital manual). He appears in the Robot Maze activity.


He has a tan head, a tan body, blue arms, blue legs, red hands, red feet, a blue neck, and purple eyes. He doesn't talk during the activity. He gets caught by the guard robots, sinks in the quicksand, and disappears on a teleport pad and reappears. He walks across the log and the drawbridge closing. He is picked up by a magnet during this activity.

Personality and characteristics

Buster does not display much personality. The manual describes him as "a bit of a stone face." Botley says, however, that Buster has "nerves of steel."

In the Game

Buster is a robot in the obstacle course. He obeys commands given by the player in order to retrieve a box in which Polly put a mission clue.

The game has robots that appear to be a palette swap of Buster who follow certain paths. They serve as obstacles and will shake up Buster if he runs into one of them.