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This article is about a/an game series in the JumpStart franchise.

JumpStart SpyMasters is a three-part game series for children from fourth to sixth grade & above. As in other JumpStart games, one has to solve educational problems to complete the game.

  1. Training Mission
  2. Unmask the Prankster
  3. Max Strikes Back



The main protagonists of the game series; consist of characters from the JumpStart Adventures games.


  • Max Masters/Prankster (Dee Bradley Baker): The main antagonist in the two games. Max used to be the youngest Adventurer until he was kicked out because of his refusal to cooperate. In Unmask the Prankster, he disguises himself as the "Prankster" & plays pranks on (or tries to get revenge against) the Adventurers as the Prankster. He later gets his revenge in Max Strikes Back, although he rejoins & helps the Adventurers at the end of the game, just to find out who framed him.
  • Alpha: A small magenta-eyed robot that was created by Max in order for him to have access to the Adventurers' computers at HQ. It was (accidentally) destroyed by Max at the end of Unmask the Prankster.
  • Dr. X (Lex Lang): From JumpStart Adventures 5th Grade: Jo Hammet, Kid Detective; he didn't appear or was mentioned in either games but his name was seen in the credits. It's obvious that he was Max's employer after he was kicked out of the Adventurers, giving him ideas for pranks against the Adventurers. It was also probably Dr. X who framed Max for his clones at the end of Max Strikes Back (as obvious betrayal).


The Adventurers' Headquarters is the only location that appears in both games.

  • HQ - This is where the user goes after completing a mission.
  • Lab - Here the user connects molecules with words on them organized according to their lexical category.
  • Spy Masters Online - This is an Internet game where one has to get the flag from the other team.

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