Chef Gumbo's Potato Song is a song that appears in JumpStart 1st Grade (2000).


Chef Gumbo's Potato Song is one of the songs that can be listened to at the Music Room. It teaches about fractions.


Oh, that's beautiful baby!

Oh yeah!

Here is one potato
I can bake or broil,
How shall I cook it up,
In butter or oil?
There's only one potato,
As you can see,
I'll cut it in two -
Half for you, half for me.
One potato, two potato, three potato, four!
Will I have enough? Or will I need more?
Company is coming. Maybe six. Maybe eight.
If I cut it into quarters, there'll be plenty on the plate!
With one potato, I have four quarters.
With two potatoes, I have eight.
With three potatoes, I have twelve quarters.
With four potatoes - wait! Oh, wow!
There are so many potatoes now!
What was I thinking with the potatoes?

We have potatoes for days, here!

Here are four potatoes
I can fry or boil,
If I lay them out
On aluminum foil...
How many quarters
Can you see?
Will I have enough potatoes
For my company?
One potato, two potato, three potato, four!
Company is knocking on my front door!
I add lots of butter and then I fluff,
I mashed my potatoes so there would be enough!

Thank you baby!

Enjoy the potatoes!

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