DeeDee is a female duck character who debuted as the main character of JumpStart Toddlers (2000).


In JumpStart Todders (2000), DeeDee has yellow feathers, orange feet, and an orange beak. She wears a pale yellow sun hat with a pink ribbon.

In the JumpStart Academy series, DeeDee has pale off-white feathers, orange hair in a bob haircut, green irises, and a light orange beak and feet. She wears a pinkish-purple headband, and a sleeveless top of the same color.

Personality and characteristics

DeeDee is perky and cheerful. She is enthusiastic about many things. In the Musical Waterfall activity, she is shown to be able to play a flute.

In the Games

JumpStart Todders (2000)

DeeDee visits her grandma and plays with her friends in the forest. DeeDee serves as the player's main guide for the game, and she appears in all of the game's activities.

JumpStart Academy Math

DeeDee appears as one of the possible avatars for the player to use in the game. She is unlocked when the player reaches level 4, and can be purchased for 400 coins.

JumpStart Academy Preschool

DeeDee appears as the main character of a storybook about the letter D. The storybook tells about some of DeeDee's favorite things starting with the letter D.


  • On the boxart for the Deluxe release of JumpStart Toddlers (2000), DeeDee wears a white cap with a blue anchor on the front, and she appears to have light brown irises. Neither of these traits were featured in the actual game.


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