Downtown webimage

Promotional screenshot of DownTown, circa 2012

DownTown is a location that appears in World of JumpStart.


DownTown is a hub area with many sub-locations, similar to MainStreet, and is designed to appeal to players of all ages. There are numerous shops in DownTown where the player can purchase Petz, Ridez, Furniture from House Hut, and new customization options for their Jumpee from the JS Threadz store. The area also contains various activities that can be played for fun or to practice curriculum skills.

Locations Within DownTown

  • Petz Shop
  • Petz Pen
  • Threadz Store
  • Ridez Store
  • House Hut
  • JS Sports Arena
  • Brain Training Arcade
  • Ride Slides
  • FunZones (changes seasonally)
    • Haunted House (Halloween)
    • Mayflower (Thanksgiving)
    • Winter Wonderland Snow Globe (Winter)
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