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Eleanor is a female elephant character who first appeared in JumpStart Preschool (1995). She is usually depicted as an avid reader (as of 1998).

In the past, she was often a mascot character for JumpStart's Preschool media, alongside Kisha, Casey and Pierre (see also: Preschool Gang).


Eleanor was originally depicted with gray skin and blue eyes. She only wore a pink bow on top of her head with a heart in the center. In JumpStart Pre-K, her appearance is very similar, although her skin has a slightly more brownish tone.

In JumpStart Preschool (1998), Eleanor has gray skin with a brownish tone and blue eyes. She wears a yellow dress with a white collar. She also wears a pink bow, which is taller and has more ridges compared to her previous and next appearances.

In all later appearances, Eleanor is depicted with pinkish skin. In the videos JumpStart Preschool: Who Left the Juice in the Caboose? and JumpStart Kindergarten: Why Did the Bus Stop? and JumpStart ABC's, Eleanor wears a simple pink bow with white polka dots, and a pink dress over a white T-shirt. She is also depicted with purplish eyelids. Her design in JumpStart Phonics Learning System is very similar, but her dress is dark blue, her bow lacks dots, and she also wears a pink scarf-like accessory.

In the JumpStart Advanced series, JumpStart Artist, and JumpStart Languages, she wears a purple bow, a purple dress over a white shirt, and black shoes. She also has blueish-purple irises.

In her artwork for JumpStart 3D Virtual World, she is depicted as being much larger and having a wider trunk. She has three forms, one for preschool and kindergarten, one for 1st grade, and one for 2nd grade. Her preschool and kindergarten form is small with a large lavender bow on her head, and a lavender jumpsuit with a tutu. Her 1st grade form is larger and has a slightly smaller bow. Her second grade form is even larger, and she has a single straight hair sticking up from her head with a small purple bow tied around it, and her jumpsuit has a floral design on the front.

Eleanor's design for the JumpStart Academy series is very similar to her previous design, however, her outfit and bow are more pinkish, and she is depicted with purple irises when previously she had none.

Personality and Characteristics

Since at least the late 90's, Eleanor has often been depicted as dainty and interested in reading. She is often depicted as having a great memory as well, which is probably based on the saying "an elephant never forgets".

A biography for Eleanor on the old Knowledge Adventure site pertaining to her appearance in JumpStart Preschool (1995) stated that her favorite activity is playing piano, her favorite food is curried peanuts, and her favorite school subjects are lunch and recess. [1]

In JumpStart Preschool (1998), Eleanor is depicted as rather quiet and humble. When Kisha suggests that Eleanor could be in a book about famous elephants someday, Eleanor says, "Oh, I don't know about that..." She seems to be good friends with Cecil. In her idle animations, she is almost always reading. She also thinks Pierre's jokes are corny in this game.

In the video JumpStart Preschool: Who Left the Juice in the Caboose? and its tie-in game JumpStart ABC`s, Eleanor is depicted as outgoing and curious. She has her own trunk where she keeps a variety of dress-up clothes.

Eleanor writing in a journal

In the JumpStart Advanced series, Eleanor's learning type is 'The Wordsmith'. The manual for JumpStart Advanced 2nd Grade says, "Eleanor teaches children using her linguistic learning style. She loves to use poetry, reading, and other language cues to help children understand ideas."

On a now-defunct site for the JumpStart All Stars, Eleanor's profile said, "Eleanor is usually found writing, acting in plays, dancing, or talking. A ravenous reader and collector of facts, trivia, and quotations, Eleanor is alternately either an invaluable source of information or an insufferable know-it-all. She dreams of being a famous writer someday, and she scribbles her thoughts in a tattered journal that she keeps with her at all times."[2]

In JumpStart Advanced 1st Grade, Eleanor is depicted as having an affinity for romance, and says that she loves stories about princes.

A profile for Eleanor pertaining to the JumpStart 3D Virtual World series says, "Eleanor, the elephant, is super strong and very smart. She loves to read to her teddy bear and to dance in her garden. Eleanor says, 'Come find me for a game of catch, any time.' Eleanor and Pierre are good friends."

The JumpStart Blog says, "Don’t let her strength fool you; Eleanor is also the daintiest and most graceful of the JumpScouts. She loves to hang out at the reading arcade, but is always up for a good game of catch in Ivy’s meadow."[3] The JumpStart Blog also mentions that she loves flowers and her garden, and that she bakes too.

In World of JumpStart, Eleanor is also fond of exploring.

Promotional artwork for the JumpStart Academy series mentions that her three favorite things are her teddy bear Doc, books, and ballet.

In the Games

JumpStart Preschool (1995)

Eleanor is one of the main characters. She is four years old and loves preschool. When outside, if the player clicks on her, she introduces herself, tells her age, and expresses happiness to see the player and tells him or her that her three classmates can't wait to play with him or her. She then tells him or her to just click on the door when he or she is ready to go inside. She hosts the Trash Can activity and the Bulletin Board activity alongside Kisha. She also appears in the "I've Been Working on the Railroad" song sequence in the Nursery Song Book activity, and makes a cameo appearance in the Doll House activity. When the player is in the classroom, Eleanor does not appear inside, but when the player clicks on the door, she opens up and tells them all she is so glad they're all here, and then closes back up without going inside herself.

JumpStart Pre-K (1996)

Eleanor is one of the main characters. She appears in the Fire Station, Barbershop, and Clothing Store mini-games.

JumpStart Adventures 4th Grade: Haunted Island (1996)

Eleanor makes a cameo appearance in the woods.

JumpStart Preschool (1998)

Eleanor is one of the main characters. She primarily appears in the activity "Connect the Dots Book", and she also appears in the activities "Toy Box" and "Wagon and Balls". In her idle animations, she is often seen reading. One of her books is about famous elephants throughout history.

JumpStart ABC's (1999)

Eleanor has the largest role of all the characters. The player accompanies her to find out who spilled their drink in the caboose of the JumpStart train..

JumpStart Learning System: Phonics (1999)

Eleanor is a camper at Camp Readalot. She appears in the Storybook Cave activity.

JumpStart Around the World (2000)

Eleanor is one of the player's travel buddies in the preschool version. She appears in the Blimp Bounce game.

JumpStart Artist (2000)

Eleanor mainly appears in the activity "Your Personal Art Studio and Gallery". She also appears in one of the video clips in the activity "Frankie's Paint-Along Songs".

JumpStart Explorers (2001)

Eleanor appears on the rainy day craft pages.

JumpStart Advanced Preschool (2002)

Disc 1: Fundamentals

Eleanor appears in the Bubble Pop and Rhyme Time mini-games. In Bubble Pop, Eleanor specifies a letter for the player to find. In Rhyme Time, the player helps Eleanor finish her poems by finding rhyming words.

Eleanor is also one of the JumpStart All-Stars. The player can select her as their partner and call her for help.

JumpStart Advanced Kindergarten (2002)

Eleanor is one of the JumpStart All-Stars. The player can select her as their partner and call her for help.

JumpStart Advanced 1st Grade (2002)

Disc 1: Fundamentals

The player can visit Eleanor at her house and play a mini-game, Eleanor's News Room, there. In this game, Eleanor is a news writer and reporter for her own TV news station, the JumpStart Real News Network.

Eleanor is one of seven characters who can be selected to be the player's racing avatar, and she has her own power-up, gadget, trick, and track. Her power-up is the Power Peanut, her gadget is the Peanut Shield, and her trick is the Peanut Gauntlet. Her track is lined by books, and the surrounding areas have large books and papers.

Eleanor is also one of the JumpStart All-Stars. The player can select her as their partner and call her for help during activities.

JumpStart Advanced 2nd Grade (2002)

Disc 1: Fundamentals

Eleanor is an agent of JumpStart Headquarters.

Eleanor is also one of the JumpStart All-Stars. The player can select her as their partner and call her for help.

JumpStart Sing-Along Time (2003)

Elanor makes a cameo in the intro song.

JumpStart Pet Rescue (2009)

Eleanor is one of the main characters and local residents.

JumpStart Crazy Karts (2011)

Eleanor is one of the characters that the player can choose to be their racer.

World of JumpStart (2009-Ongoing)

Eleanor appears as one of the default residents of the player's Neighborhood, as well as in AdventureLand. She also appears in one of the missions given to the player which involves meeting her and talking to her at Windy Hollows. Afterwards, she doesn't appear there.

Eleanor also previously appeared in the StoryLand area in the game, prior to its movement to JumpStart Junior.

JumpStart Academy Preschool (2019)

Eleanor is a main cast character who helps guide the player through the game.

In Videos

Eleanor is the main character of JumpStart Preschool: Who Left the Juice in the Caboose?. She wants to find out who spilled their juice and left it in the caboose. She acts as a detective to solve the mystery.

Eleanor has a brief cameo in JumpStart Kindergarten: Why Did the Bus Stop?. In one scene where Casey is stuck up in a tree, Eleanor is seen watching him from below with concern.

Eleanor also appears in JumpStart PreK-1st Grade: Frankie's Field Trip.

In Books

Eleanor appears in all of the Scholastic Pre-K workbooks and Pre-K Readers, as well as some other Readers. She is the main character of the Pre-K Reader "Eleanor's Enormous Ears".

Eleanor also appears in some of the Reading Readiness Readers released in 2005. She is the main character of the books Eleanor Has A Map and Eleanor and The Bluebird.


In 2000, Briarpatch released a jigsaw puzzle featuring Eleanor in front of her home in JumpStartville. That same year, Briarpatch also released JumpStart Alphabet Card Game, which features Eleanor on some of the cards.

Voice Samples

From: JumpStart Preschool (1995)
Voice Credit: Jeanie Elias
From: JumpStart ABC's
Voice Credit: Jennifer York
From: JumpStart Advanced Kindergarten
Voice Credit: Kath Soucie
From: World of JumpStart
Voice Credit: Wendee Lee


  • "I'm Eleanor, and I just love words. I love to read them, I love to write them, and I love to say them." (Self introduction from JumpStart Advanced 2nd Grade)
  • "Eleanor here, surrounded by my favorite things: friends and books!" (from JumpStart Advanced Kindergarten)


  • In JumpStart Advanced Kindergarten: Fundamentals, the nickname Ellie is used for Eleanor on the printable newspaper that the player receives after winning a race.


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