The Enchanted Sanctuary is a location that appears in World of JumpStart.


The Enchanted Sanctuary was previously a a large, flat grassy area surrounded by rocky mountains and waterfalls, with a fountain in the center.

On March 29, 2018, JumpStart announced that the Enchanted Sanctuary would have a new appearance. The newer appearance of the Enchanted Sanctuary is a much more open area, with a very large tree in its center.

In the Game

The Enchanted Sanctuary is a place where the player can raise Mythies. Ivy the fairy can also be found here, and she provides guidance on how to care for Mythies.

Locations Within the Enchanted Sanctuary

  • The Hatchery (formerly known as the Eggulator) - This is where Egglings hatch into Mythies.
  • The Nursery
  • The Pet Accessories Kiosk - Player can purchase Color Kits here.
  • The Mythie Training Area - Players can train Mythies and buy supplies here.
  • Flight School - This is where players can visit their released Mythies or ride Mythies through flight courses.
  • Kitchen - Here, the player can cook food to feed their Mythies.
  • Cozy Cove - Here, the player's Mythie can relax and have fun.



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