Floyd is a male dog character who first appeared in JumpStart 1st Grade (2000).


Floyd has brown and light cream fur and a black nose. He wears a blue and white jacket and a red collar.


Floyd is one of Frankie's friends. He is rather practical and more down to earth than Frankie.

The JumpStart website says, "He likes doing sensible things" and "Frankie's limitless energy just makes him more tired! But both he and Frankie love learning and care about doing what's right more than anything, so to them, their differences seem small."[1]

In the Games

JumpStart 1st Grade (2000)

Floyd is the school's hall monitor. He appears in the Hall Pass activity.

In Books

1m intro

Floyd and Frankie in JumpStart 1st Grade Math workbook

Floyd appears in some of the 1st Grade workbooks. He joins Frankie on his various adventures.



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