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Frog Manor in JumpStart Advanced 2nd Grade

Frog Manor is a location in JumpStartville and the home of CJ and Edison. It originally appeared in JumpStart Reading for Second Graders and has since appeared in other games prior to JumpStart 3D Virtual World.


In its latest appearance, Frog Manor appears to be three stories tall. The walls are white, and the roof is green with cattail decorations and a brick chimney on it. Frog Manor is surrounded by water that has lilypads in it. There is a building off to the side that resembles a stack of mushrooms. There is dirt path leading to a set of stairs which leads to the front door.

In the Games

JumpStart Reading for Second Graders (1998)

When the player collects all of the jewels they need for the tablet, they must return to Frog Manor. Each time the player returns to Frog Manor, they have to play an activity that requires them to answer some riddles to open the door, because the butler McCloud is very wary of impostors. 

JumpStart Explorers (2001)

The game's opening cutscene depicts CJ and Edison playing chess in Frog Manor.

JumpStart Advanced 1st Grade: Fundamentals (2002)

The player can visit Frog Manor to play an activity with CJ.

JumpStart Advanced 2nd Grade: Fundamentals (2002)

One of the player's missions involves saving Frog Manor from sinking into the swamp, which was caused by CJ's nemesis Dr. O.


In The Games

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