Giggles is a gopher character who debuted as the mascot of JumpStart Toddlers (1996).

Giggles was originally female in his first appearance, JumpStart Toddlers (1996), but is male in the JumpStart Academy series onward.


In JumpStart Toddlers (1996), Giggles is a small brown gopher with beady eyes and a black nose. His late 90's promotional artwork shows him with a black bowtie and small black eyebrows.

In the JumpStart Academy series, Giggles has brown fur and a large pink nose. He wears red-rimmed round glasses, and blue overalls.


Giggles is generally depicted as quite cheerful and friendly.

A biography on the old Knowledge Adventure site pertaining to Giggles' appearance in JumpStart Toddlers (1996) stated that her favorite foods are vegetables, flower bulbs, and sweet potatoes. Giggles' favorite school subject is music, and she is especially partial to Russian composers. Her best friend is Jack the dog, and her favorite hobby is feeding him. Her motto is "laughter is the best medicine!"[1]

In JumpStart Academy Preschool, Giggles is depicted as enjoying gardening.

In the game

JumpStart Toddlers (1996)

Giggles is the guide for the player, and appears in most of the activities.

JumpStart Academy Preschool

Giggles appears in a storybook about the letter G.

Voice Samples

Td96 giggles voice
From: Debi Derryberry
Voice Credit: JumpStart Toddlers (1996)


  • Although Giggles is female in JumpStart Toddlers (1996), and is referred to as such in the game's manual, some promotional material for that game refers to Giggles as male, such as the JumpStart Previews.
  • Despite being a gopher, Giggles appeared on a promotional image for Groundhog Day posted on the official JumpStart Facebook page.



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