Gizmo is a male dog character who appears in JumpStart Adventures 4th Grade: Sapphire Falls.


Gizmo is a dog of normal size with yellowish fur, beady black eyes, a black nose, and large eyebrows. His eyebrows, paws and tail are light brown. He has small pointy ears, short legs, and a short tail.


Gizmo behaves very similarly to an ordinary dog. He walks on all fours, and doesn't speak or wear clothes. He does perhaps display more intelligence and awareness than an ordinary dog would. He is a faithful companion to his owners Sally Chu and TJ Adams. He is also shown to be rather fearless at times, as seen when he tried to chase down a culprit that Sally and TJ were tracking, despite the dangers involved.

In the Game

Gizmo comes with Sally and TJ to the Sapphire Mines. During their adventure, Gizmo tries to help them catch the mysterious creature rumored to have been spotted in the mines. At one point, Gizmo gets captured by the culprit, and Sally and TJ have to rescue him by chasing after the culprit in a mine cart.


  • Gizmo's appearance may be intended to resemble a kind of terrier dog.