Holly is a female elf character who appears in JumpStart Magic & Mythies.


Holly has short hair that is light orange at the top and fades to red at the bottom. She has light red eyes and brown eyebrows. Like the rest of the elves, she has long pointy ears and two insect-like antenna sticking out of her head. She wears a light pink dress with short red sleeves and a red sash, short red arm warmers, and red shoes.

Personality and Characteristics

Holly has the title of Top Shadow-Buster, and is also known as 'The Warrior'. She is hardworking, persistent, and very competitive. Holly's hometown is Firecrest, and she comes from a family with a long line of soldiers. She has formed a great sense of confidence, and relies more on her own experiences to make decisions rather than turning to others.

Holly is a huge supporter of Asher in his role as leader, although she doesn't hesitate to tell him what she thinks even if it contradicts his views.

Holly has a phobia of slugs. She enjoys racing, eating spicy food, campfires, and exploring.


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