Jack is a male mouse character who first appeared in JumpStart Kindergarten (1997).


In JumpStart Kindergarten (1997) and JumpStart Math for Kindergartners, Jack has sandy brown fur with a peach-colored face and a light brown belly. He wears green pants and has a light peach-colored sack that is slung over his shoulder. He is an adult character, although unlike Hopsalot who is the same size as a human, Jack is roughly the size of a real mouse.

In JumpStart Kindergarten: Why Did the Bus Stop? and JumpStart Learning Games: Phonics, Jack has light gray fur, a darker gray tuft of hair on his forehead, and a white snout and belly. He wears blue pants held up by a single red strap held over his shoulder. His age has been changed from that of an adult to a kindergartner, and he is the size of a human child.

In Scholastic kindergarten workbooks, Jack has light brown fur and is roughly the size of a regular mouse. He wears green pants and a T-shirt that is red in some books and blue in others.

Personality and Characteristics

Jack is straightforward and sensible, though certainly not humorless. He can sometimes get slightly annoyed at Roquefort, but they are still good friends. He acts more childlike in JumpStart Learning Games: Phonics and JumpStart Kindergarten: Why Did the Bus Stop?, as his decreased age might suggest.

In the Games

JumpStart Kindergarten (1997)

Jack is a mouse who lives in the school with his pal Roquefort. He appears in the activities PuzzleBlocksDolls, and Pattern Blaster.

JumpStart Math for Kindergartners

If the player clicks on the windows of the schoolhouse while outside of the school, Jack will appear in one of the windows and count from 1 to 5, after which Roquefort will appear from another window and count from 6 to 10. Jack and Roquefort can also be seen in the schoolhouse at the beginning of the game.

JumpStart Learning Games: Phonics

Jack is a kindergarten student. He and the other kindergartners ride on the school bus to several different locations.

In Videos

Jack is a main character in JumpStart Kindergarten: Why Did the Bus Stop?. He is a kindergarten student who wants to know why the bus stops. He, Roquefort, and a few other kindergarten students take a ride on a school bus to a few different locations.

In Books

Jack appears in some of the kindergarten workbooks released by Scholastic. He almost always appears with Roquefort, and the two of them frequently accompany Hopsalot and Bebop on various trips and adventures.

Voice Samples

From: JumpStart Kindergarten (1997)
Voice Credit: Tony Pope


  • Since Jack's friend Roquefort is named after a type of cheese, Jack's name may also come from a kind of cheese. There is a kind of cheese called 'Monterey Jack', also sometimes referred to as 'Jack cheese', which could be the basis for Jack's name.
  • Curiously, although Jack was renamed to Raoul in the French release of JumpStart Kindergarten (1998), the French box art for the game refers to him as Paul instead.


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