Jean Claude is a male sea serpent character who first appeared in the JumpStart 3D Virtual World series.


Jean Claude has a long serpentine body. He has blue scaly skin, a light sand-colored belly, orange fins, and blue eyes.


Jean Claude is jolly and outgoing. He speaks with a French accent and occasionally uses French words in his speech. He is an old friend of Cappy.

In the Games

JumpStart 3D Virtual World series

Jean Claude is one of the residents of JumpStart Town that the player can interact with and receive missions from.

World of JumpStart

Jean Claude can be found in most areas of MarineLand, such as Rubble Ruins, Shipwreck Reef, and The Kelp Forest. He has missions for players to complete in return for sand dollars.

JumpStart Escape from Adventure Island

Jean Claude can give the player information about underwater areas.

JumpStart Deep Sea Escape

JumpStart Lost Island Quest

Jean Claude lives in Rubble Ruins. Similar to World of JumpStart, he assigns the players missions, and will reward the player with sand dollars upon completion.

JumpStart Academy Kindergarten

Jean Claude appears on the Fairy Tale map as a non-interactive character. He also makes a background appearance in a cutscene where Pierre talks about wizards.


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