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Jess is a female human character who first appeared as one of the protagonists of JumpStart Adventures 6th Grade: Mission Earthquest, the other being her brother Zack.


Jess has red hair in JumpStart 6th Grade and JumpStart Adventure Challenge and black hair in the JumpStart Spy Masters games. She wears sci-fi power utility gloves in 6th Grade and Adventure Challenge.

In all her appearances, she wears khaki pants. In JumpStart 6th Grade, she wears a blue-green shirt, in JumpStart Adventure Challenge, she wears a pink shirt, and in JumpStart Spy Masters, she wears a blue shirt.

Personality and characteristics

Jess tends to be scientific, logical, and fairly serious. She is more casual in the Spy Masters games, but her orientation around logic and science is all the clearer.

In the late 90s, the JumpStart website contained an online profile for Jess pertaining to her appearance in JumpStart 6th Grade, which stated that she is 16 years old (one year older than Zack), and is an inquisitive "mechanical wizard" who is responsible for keeping most of EarthQuest's equipment in working condition. The profile says that she is interested in science, technology, and how things work, and prefers to get things done and get hands-on experience. She can sometimes get annoyed by Zack, and enjoys teasing him. Her hobbies include inventing and tinkering, and teaching Roswell practical tricks.[1]

In the Games

JumpStart Adventures 6th Grade: Mission EarthQuest

Jess is a member of EarthQuest and must work to thwart ART, an artificial intelligence wreaking environmental havoc.

JumpStart Adventure Challenge

Jess and Zack appear in the activities Mountain Mayhem and World Wide Glide. The player can choose whether they'd like to play with Jess or Zack.

JumpStart Spy Masters: Unmask the Prankster

Jess is a member of the Spy Masters.

JumpStart Spy Masters: Max Strikes Back

Jess s a member of the Spy Masters.

Voice Samples

From: JumpStart Adventures 6th Grade: Mission Earthquest
Voice Credit: Tracy Wells
From: JumpStart Spy Masters: Unmask the Prankster
Voice Credit: Paula Tiso