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JumpStart is a series of children's educational products released by JumpStart Games, Inc. primarily consisting of children's games (online and CD-ROMs) for PC and some gaming consoles, but also consisting of an abundance of other products, including books, videos, interactive DVDs, and toys.

JumpStart products


Educational value

Nearly all JumpStart products are designed to be educational for children. Over the years, JumpStart has created products for children as young as nine months or as old as twelve years. The subject matter taught varies, but it approximates the same subjects children learn in school.

Grade-based learning


Promotional image appearing upon exiting classic JumpStart games, showcasing the original grade-based series

JumpStart's first games, and what are often considered to be their "main" games, are all based on grade levels. JumpStart has produced games for Kindergarten to 6th Grade, and also for pre-Kindergarten learning, such as Baby, Toddlers, Preschool, and Pre-K. Non-game products, such as workbooks, may be grade-based as well.

Entertainment value

In addition to being educational, most JumpStart products are designed to be fun and engaging for children. Thus, their educational software is designed in the form of games. Thus, what might otherwise be educational drills are set up as activities, which are often presented as fun mini-games. JumpStart games also feature settings, characters, and plotlines designed to appeal to the target audience.

Common features

Some features found in many JumpStart games include:


See also: JumpStart universe

There is very little continuity between JumpStart products, but there are common themes that appear in multiple games. Most games for ages below 3rd Grade feature anthropomorphic animals as main characters, while those for older ages tend to include more humans. Many classic JumpStart games took place in schoolhouses or were at least somewhat related to them. JumpStart games for older children tend to include more adventure-based storylines.

Since the early 2000s, JumpStart games usually take place in a single continuity that incorporates characters from the different continuities of the classic games.

Main recurring characters

(Italicized characters have been dropped and no longer appear in new games.)

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