JumpStart 1st Grade is a grade-based JumpStart game released by Knowledge Adventure in 1999. It teaches a 1st grade curriculum. It is an updated version of JumpStart 1st Grade (1995), and would later be replaced by JumpStart Advanced 1st Grade.

In the game, the player helps Frankie the dog find treasures by completing activities around the school.

Game Play

In order to help Frankie with his treasure hunt, the player must gather clues. Clues are obtained by completing activities around the school. Each time the player completes an activity, they earn one clue. The toolbar displays how many clues the player currently has. When the player has three clues, they're ready for the treasure hunt.

In the treasure hunt, the player must use the three clues to guide them. For the first clue, the player must answer a question that gets them onto Frankie's boat. The second clue tells the player which of the neighboring islands to steer Frankie's boat to. The third clue reveals where on that island the treasure is located.

Each time the player finds a treasure, they gain a certain number of coins based on how well they did. A complete treasure hunt is finished after finding six treasures. It is possible to gain anywhere between 50 and 100 coins in a complete treasure hunt. The number of coins that the player has obtained determines their rank.

Player Ranks

  • Land Lubber - 50 coins
  • Barnacle Buster - 75 coins
  • Luck Lookout - 125 coins
  • Salty Sailor - 200 coins
  • Handy Helmsman - 300 coins
  • Magnificent Map Maker - 400 coins
  • Brave Buccaneer - 500 coins
  • Expert Explorer - 650 coins
  • Clever Captain - 800 coins
  • Ace Admiral - 1000 coins





Deluxe Release

In 2000, JumpStart 1st Grade was re-released as part of a Deluxe 2 CD Set. The game JumpStart Around the World was included with it.



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