The JumpStart 3D Virtual World series is a set of four games originally released on CD-ROM around 2007. These games were originally released under the name JumpStart World, which later became JumpStart World of Learning, and finally JumpStart 3D Virtual World.

List of Games

Series Description

All of the games in the series features very similar gameplay and objectives. General goals include completing missions for characters, earning gems and reward items. The player must choose an avatar character to play as, with a choice of either a cat, robot, fairy, or dinosaur. Each avatar type can be either male or female, and will appear older or younger depending on the game's grade level.

All of the games feature the same central cast of characters: Frankie, Hopsalot, Eleanor, Pierre, Kisha, CJ, and Botley. Most of the other characters that appear in the series are also recurring in all four games, and many of them exclusively appear in this series. The setting for all of the games is JumpStart Town, which is also specific to this series of games.

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