JumpStart ABC's (also sometimes referred to as JumpStart Learning Games: ABC's) is a JumpStart game in the JumpStart Learning Games series released by Knowledge Adventure in 1999. It is based on the video JumpStart Preschool: Who Left the Juice in the Caboose?.

In the game, Eleanor wants to find out who spilled their drink in the caboose and didn't clean up the mess. The player accompanies her to visit each of her friends and find out was responsible for the spilled drink through a series of mini-games.


Locations and Activities

  • Pizza Palace - Find hidden letters in the pizza parlor with Casey Cat. Move the cursor around the screen to find the letters. Find the letter that appears on Casey's sign. In this game, you can earn a chef's hat, an apron, a pizza, and pepperoni.
  • Tuna Mountain - Help Pierre the Bear sled down tuna mountain so he could learn about letters and letter sounds. Move him with the mouse. You will be instructed to collect letters and objects that begin with a particular letter. Move Pierre over a letter or object to collect it. Avoid obstacles and the wrong letters or objects. In this game, you can earn a hat, a scarf, mittens, and a sled.
  • JumpStart Train Station - Help Kisha Koala remove bushes from the train track so Engineer Frankie can drive his train. Click on the letters on the bushes in the same order as they appear on the sign. In this mini game, you can earn an engineer's hat, overalls, a bandanna, and a pocket watch.
  • Band Stand Sing-Along - Sing songs and watch videos with Hopsalot. There are five songs, all of which are originally from the JumpStart Preschool: Who Left the Juice in the Caboose? video. The songs are: Who Left the Juice in the Caboose?, The Dress Up Song, The Alphabet Song, The Letter P Song, and The Letter T Song.

Educational Concepts

  • The Alphabet
  • Uppercase and Lowercase Letters
  • Alphabetical Order
  • Phonics


Re-releases / Bundles

JumpStart ABC's was included in the JumpStart Preschool Fun Pack alongside JumpStart Numbers and JumpStart Pre-K. It was later sold as part of the JumpStart Preschool-1st Grade Learning Playground bundle alongside JumpStart Numbers and JumpStart Artist.


See JumpStart ABC's/Credits


  • The game's packaging accidentally used a quote from JumpStart Spelling's packaging in the activity description for Casey's Pizza Palace.
  • The promo for the game along with JumpStart Learning Games: Phonics shows The Responsibility Song playing in the Bandstand, although it does not appear in the game.







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