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JumpStart Academy Coding is a game released in 2019 as part of the JumpStart Academy series. It is designed to teach early coding skills and concepts to children in first through third grade.


Five years prior to the game's events, an evil computer called Cyclotron X invaded the solar system, and caused severe climate damage to the planets. Although the Intergalactic Space Patrol was able to defeat Cyclotron X, it left power circuits scattered across the planets that caused ecosystem failure. Now, the Intergalactic Space Patrol must collect energy crystals to reactivate each planet's purification system and restore the ecosystems, preventing the revival of Cyclotron X.



The player must complete missions, which consist of inputting a set of commands into a command panel. Commands are contained in blocks, which can be clicked and dragged into the command panel. These blocks can be used to make Max perform different actions, such as moving up, down, left, and right, and collecting crystals. By placing multiple blocks into the command panel, the player can make Max perform a sequence of actions.

When the player clicks the Run button, the sequence of commands in the panel will be executed in order of their placement, from top to bottom. The player can use the Reset button to clear all of the commands from the panel, and the Fast Forward button to speed up the actions. After pressing the Run button, the player can click the Stop button to prematurely cancel the sequence of actions.

Educational Concepts

  • Sequences
  • Debugging
  • Loops
  • Conditionals
  • Functions


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