JumpStart Academy Kindergarten is a mobile app game released on January 23, 2019. It is intended to teach a full kindergarten curriculum.

In the game, there are a variety of activities that can the player can complete to earn tickets, which can then be used to unlock new customization features for the player's avatar and house.


The player creates a custom avatar that is used to explore and interact with the game's setting. The game mainly consists of several maps that are viewed from top-down. Each map has a series of checkpoints, and the player can complete an activity at each checkpoint. JumpStart characters also appear on the maps, and will talk to the player when reaching certain checkpoints.

Each checkpoint on the map teaches about a particular topic, such as a letter, number, or color. There are a few activities that can be completed at each checkpoint, after which the player can continue to the next checkpoint. Many of the maps are based on fairy tales.



  • Balloon Quiz
  • Book Boundin'
  • Bubble Busting
  • Buzzy Bee
  • Color by Design
  • Corkboard Challenge
  • Kooky Kites
  • Ladybug Learning
  • Lucky Ducky
  • Masterpiece Creator
  • Pop Up
  • Puzzle Pieces
  • Soaring Sorting
  • Starry Sky
  • Sticker Search
  • Trace Space
  • Tugboat Tunnel


  • All About Me
  • Fairytale
  • Goldilocks
  • Wonderland
  • Red Riding Hood


See JumpStart Academy Kindergarten/Achievements

Educational Concepts

  • Uppercase/lowercase letter recognition
  • Phonics
  • Writing letters/numbers
  • Sight words
  • Counting/sequencing numbers 0-100
  • Addition/subtraction
  • Feelings
  • The human body
  • Life skills


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