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The JumpStart Advanced series is a sub-series originally launched in 2002.

List of Games in the Series[]

Release Info[]

The only "new" titles are JumpStart Advanced Preschool, JumpStart Advanced Kindergarten, JumpStart Advanced 1st Grade, JumpStart Advanced 2nd Grade, JumpStart Sing-Along Time, the JumpStart Advanced Toddlers - 1st Grade: Art series, and the JumpStart Advanced 2nd-4th Grade: Mystery Club series. The rest of the games are simply renamed versions of the previously released games.

Nearly all of the games were originally a single CD. However, around 2003, nearly all of the titles in the Advanced series were released as 3-Disc Sets. The first CD would be the original game, and the other two CDs would often contain supplementary material.

Many of the titles would also receive a Version 2.0 release. The Version 2.0 releases contain 4 CDs each. Some of the games also received a Version 3.0 release, which was another 4-CD set containing different games than the 2.0 release.

Unique Features[]

The games from JumpStart Advanced Preschool to JumpStart Advanced 2nd Grade have a unique feature called the JumpStart All-Stars. This feature is designed to provide different learning styles for children, so the child's tutor will seem more personalized.

Other Associated Products[]

In 2003, a set of JumpStart toys were released with certain Dairy Queen kids meals. These toys were based off of the JumpStart Advanced series, and each one has a sticker that says "JumpStart Advanced" on it.