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JumpStart Baby is a game released by Knowledge Adventure in 2000. It focuses on learning concepts for ages 9-24 months. It replaced JumpStart Baby (1998).

In this game, the player engages in nine different activities around a house with a stuffed bear named Teddy.


  • Dress Teddy - Press any key to move a piece of clothing to Teddy. Teddy will talk about which clothes go on which parts of the body. This is an updated version of the activity from the previous JumpStart Baby title.
  • Music Box - Press any key to hear Teddy and his animal friends sing songs. This is similar to the "Let's Make Music" activity from the previous game.


In 2007, JumpStart Baby was re-released in bundle called JumpStart Early Development, which also included JumpStart Toddlers (2000)JumpStart Preschool (1995), and JumpStart Kindergarten (1994).



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  • Despite being released in 2000, the credits list the game as being released in 2001.