The JumpStart Dairy Queen toys are a set of four toys distributed with select Dairy Queen kids' meals in 2003. They are based on the JumpStart Advanced series, and feature four characters: Frankie, Casey, Hopsalot, and CJ.

List of toys

  • Frankie's Flash Car - This toy has wheels which allow it to be pushed along a surface. The instructions that come with the toy say to insert cards into a slot on the back of the toy, and then push the car to eject the cards.
  • Hopsalot's Bright Bulb Revealer - This toy functions as a wristband. Disks with math problems written on them can be inserted into the wristband's viewer to reveal the answer. Afterwards, pushing a button will eject the disks.
  • CJ's Scoop 'n' Snoop - This toy is a pair of scoops that can be opened and closed. The instructions suggest using the toy to scoop up bugs or dirt, or to make snowballs.
  • Free Scootin' Casey - This toy has wheels which allow it to be pushed along a surface.


  • All of the toys are recommended for ages 3 and up, except for the Free Scootin' Casey toy which is recommended for ages 0+ or ages 3 and under. This is presumably due to it being the least complex toy.
  • While not explicitly clear, Frankie's and Casey's toys may be based on specific JumpStart Advanced games. Frankie's toy seems to derive from the car race in JumpStart Advanced Kindergarten: Fundamentals, and Casey's toy seems to derive from the scooter race in JumpStart Advanced 1st Grade: Fundamentals.


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