JumpStart Junior (also styled as JumpStart Jr.) is a JumpStart game available for download on PC and mobile devices. It is intended to teach various subjects to children ages 3-5.


Game Play

JumpStart Junior shares many game play elements with the JumpStart online game. The player creates an avatar character called a Jumpee to explore and interact with the JumpStart world. The player can also raise and care for magical creatures known as Mythies.

This particular game takes place in StoryLand, and the player's main interactions are with Botley the robot. Botley has lost his spark plug, so his memory is faulty. It's up to the player to help him restore his memories.

One of the player's primary goals is to collect Spark Stories. Each story opens up a new land.


  • Mythie Meadows
  • Frankie's Camp
  • Spark Park


  • In this game, Botley states his full name is Botley 2.0.
  • Botley here is shorter overall, and has a younger-sounding voice than his previous incarnations, indicating that he has a "preschooler form" in this game.


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