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JumpStart Languages is an Early Discovery JumpStart game released by Knowledge Adventure in 2001. It is designed to teach French, Spanish, and Japanese for ages 3-6. It also teaches about the cultures of the United States of America, France, Mexico, and Japan.

It was also released with Chick-fil-A Kids' Meals as part of a promotion for a limited time.


The game takes place in the JumpStart Worlds Fair. There are four pavilions for the languages English, French, Spanish, and Japanese, each hosted by one recurring JumpStart character and one character created specifically for the game. In each pavilion, activities can be played in order to earn "globe pieces". There's a central building hosted by CJ and Edison in which you can access printable activities and crafts, as well as access short clips called "Video Voyages" that may be "bought" every time the player earns four globe pieces.


Each of the four languages pavilions has its own version of each activity:




  • JumpStart Languages Theme Song (EN)
  • Body Song (From Puppets of the World Activity) (Multilanguage)
  • Oh, Susanna! (EN)
  • I've Been Working on the Railroad (US)
  • De Colores (ES)
  • Tengo una Muñeca (ES)
  • Sakura Sakura (JP)
  • Snow Song (JP)
  • Au Clair de la Lune (FR)
  • Frère Jacques (FR)
  • Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (Multilanguage)


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Re-releases / Bundles

JumpStart Languages was re-released as JumpStart Advanced Language Club as part of a JumpStart Advanced Preschool bundle.

It was also released with Chick-fil-A Kids' Meals as part of a limited-time promotion.


  • In every Pavilion, the "Decoration Coloring" and "Puppets of the World" activities share one kind of background music, and the "Kitchen Hide-n-Seek" and "Outdoor Adventure" games share another.
  • The promotional Chick-fil-a release of the game contained a free trial to the then new JumpStart World.
  • In the French, Spanish, and Japanese Pavilions, the English characters will translate what the other character originally said in their language.
    • In the English Pavilion, Frankie will say the same thing that Roxy says.
  • Both of the Spanish Pavilion's radio's songs previously appeared in JumpStart Spanish.
  • All four countries' flags involve white and red as at least two of the colors. Of those four, only the United States and France involve blue on their flags, while Mexico involves green on its. Of all the flags, only Mexico also has a picture of something on its flag (an eagle for its case), and only Japan doesn't have any straight parts inside its.
  • Carol Bach-Y-Rita, the voice of Serafina and Pierre in this game, guest-starred alongside Grey DeLisle (the voice of Kisha and Roxy in this game) in the Clifford the Big Red Dog episode "Wedding Bell Blues," where DeLisle was the voice of Emily Elizabeth (as usual), and Bach-Y-Rita was Mrs. Grumbly.
  • In the main menu, all of the Pavilions have windows (out which those of the language buddies who are female peek out through when either introducing themselves to a new player or when the cursor is moved to either of those Pavilions) except the Japanese one (so instead, the only male peeks out through the front door under the same circumstances).
  • What is never said is that the Statue of Liberty (Roxy's landmark) was a gift from France (Chloe's country), or that Gustave Eiffel (the engineer for and the namesake of Chloe's landmark, the Eiffel tower) was among contributors for the Statue.


  • In the main menu that shows all the Pavilions and Expo hall, Frankie is shown without a vest, but earlier in the intro, and when the player enters the English Pavilion, he has his vest on.
  • Again, in the main menu, Kisha has three toes on each foot. However, in the Japanese Pavilion, whenever, depending on the player's choice, as she and Hiroshi run either to the kitchen, back door, or the puppet hall, her feet are toeless.
  • During the intro, when the series-wide characters are in a balloon, Kisha's fur is a little bit darker, and then gets lighter once they land and exit the balloon. Likewise, where on her kimono the trim is hot pink, instead, it's a lighter pink when she is in the balloon with the boys.
  • In the French Pavilion, when the "Story Making" activity is chosen, by clicking either Chloe or her book, her red skirt turns blue as she opens the book.
  • When Chloe is dancing, her flag changes.
  • In the "Puppets of the World Game" in the Japanese Pavilion, when the player selects Challenge Mode, when Kisha tells the player to click on Hiroshi to repeat his request, she instead says, "Click on Chloe to repeat her request." Grey DeLisle, the woman voicing Kisha in this game, might have unintentionally read Pierre's lines for those in the French one.
  • In certain activities in the Spanish pavilion, there is an error in phrases for a Mexican sombrero. In the "Puppets of the World" game there, Serafina calls it just "sombrero." In the "Listen and Learn Story Maker," when selecting a hat for the Spanish version of "Little Red Riding Hood," however, she calls it "sombrero de Mariachi."
  • In every pavilion, one piece of background music is shared between Decoration painting and the Puppets of the World game, and another is shared between the Kitchen Hide-n-Seek and Outdoor Adventure Games.
  • In every pavilion, the kitchen always looks different both in how it looks, partly in appliances and arrangement, when the player is actually playing the "Hide and Seek" game, and how it looks when the player is in its main menu. For example, in the English Pavilion, in its main room, the stove is colored blue and nearer to the archway. When the player has actually gone in with Roxy and Frankie, however, it is purple and farther away from there, and between two white counters.


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