JumpStart PreK-1st Grade: Frankie's Field Trip, also known simply as JumpStart: Frankie's Field Trip, is an interactive DVD released circa 2006.

The DVD centers on Frankie taking four passengers on a bus ride to different locations, such as a post office, farm, and fire station. During the trip, viewers encounter songs and activities. The DVD is inspired by and reuses content from JumpStart Kindergarten: Why Did the Bus Stop?.


The viewer must use the arrow keys and enter keys on a remote control for various interactions during the bus ride. These interactions include deciding which route to take, responding to situations that occur during the ride, and completing activities at the trip destinations. When the viewer encounters a song sequence, Frankie will periodically present the viewer with questions during the song, and the viewer must select one of three answers. After visiting a location, the viewer creates a scrapbook by selecting photos according to Frankie's hints.


Main Characters

Characters from Reused Sequences


  • Mailbox Slots - The viewer must help deliver mail by matching packages to the slots with the same shape and color.
  • Corn Maze - The viewer must lead Kisha through a corn maze. The viewer can use the remote to decide which way Kisha should go and avoid obstacles. When Kisha reaches the treasure chest, the viewer must unscramble an image on the top of the chest to open it.
  • Fireman's Ladders - The viewer must help Hopsalot climb up and a series of ladders and ramps to reach the top of the fireman's pole. When obstacles appear, the viewer will be prompted to press either the up or down key on the remote to avoid them.
  • Scrapbook - The viewer can create a scrapbook for three locations: the post office, farm, and fire station. Frankie will ask the viewer to find certain photos for the scrapbook.


Note: All song are reused from JumpStart Kindergarten: Why Did the Bus Stop?

Educational Content

  • Telling Time
  • Colors and shapes
  • Following directions
  • Left/Right
  • Deduction
  • Rhyming
  • Letter sounds
  • Problem Solving

Re-releases / Bundles

In 2007, JumpStart PreK-1st Grade: Frankie's Field Trip was released as part of the JumpStart Ready to Learn System bundle, which also included JumpStart Preschool (1995), several short storybooks, and alphabet flash cards.




Cover Art

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