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JumpStart Preschool: Who Left the Juice in the Caboose? is a JumpStart video released on VHS in 1999. It is sometimes simply called JumpStart Preschool. It is approximately thirty minutes long.

The game JumpStart ABC's, released around the same time, is based on this video.

Story and Features

On her way to school, Eleanor notices that somebody spilled his or her drink in the caboose of the JumpStart train and didn't clean it up. Eleanor wants to find out who spilled the juice. She decides to ask each of her friends to find out who it was.

Each time Eleanor meets a friend, there is a song sequence. Each song reinforces a learning concept, such as counting and letter sounds.

There is also a special live action music video after the main animated feature, which stars Jennifer York, the girl who voiced Eleanor.


Main Characters

Secondary Characters

Minor Characters


Educational Concepts

  • Counting
  • The Alphabet
  • Letter Sounds


Box Art



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