JumpStart Reading for Kindergartners is a subject-based JumpStart game released by Knowledge Adventure in 1996. It focuses on a kindergarten reading curriculum.

Hopsalot wants to find the lost Carrot Patch treasure. The player can visit Hopsalot's family and friends and play games to help him find it.


  • Hopsalot
  • Hopsalot's Grandpa - He lives in the bayou and enjoys telling stories.
  • Hopsalot's Grandma - She lives in the far north and coaches a hockey team of penguins.
  • Gracie - Hopsalot's big sister. She lives in the southwest and makes pinatas.
  • Romulus - Hopsalot's cousin. He lives on a ranch with cows.
  • Flash - Hopsalot's cousin. He lives on the beach and loves to surf.
  • Bebop - An old friend of Hopsalot. He lives in the big city and plays a horn.
  • Einstein - Grandpa's pet egret.


  • Play in Hopsalot's burrow.
  • Help Einstein deliver mail to Grandpa.
  • Play a game of hockey with a team of penguins.
  • Break pinatas with Sister Gracie.
  • Make words on Romulus' farm.
  • Help Flash win the surf race.
  • Help Bebop finish the lyrics to his songs.

Educational Concepts

  • Phonics
  • Rhyming
  • Word-building
  • Sentence-building

Re-releases / Bundles

In 1999, JumpStart Reading for Kindergartners and its first grade and second grade counterparts were packaged and sold together as the JumpStart Learn to Read bundle.