JumpStart Sing-Along Time is a game released by Knowledge Adventure in 2003. It is designed to teach early learning skills for toddlers through music sequences.

It appeared in the 1.0 and 2.0 releases of JumpStart Advanced Toddlers.


In the game, the player can access several music videos by clicking on different icons from the main screen. Once an icon is clicked, the music video will automatically start playing. The player can return to the main screen at any time by clicking anywhere on the video.

All of the music videos are live action. Frankie is depicted by a live actor in a costume, and he is accompanied by two child actors. Each music sequence is designed to reinforce a certain skill, such as learning the alphabet or counting. Most of the songs are adaptations of pre-existing songs.

Aside from the live action videos, there is also a 2-D animated sequence that plays when the program is started.

The game has very little interaction, as it is mostly intended to just let the player watch videos. From the main screen, there is a parent button that can be clicked on to hear descriptions of each video.


Educational Concepts

  • Counting
  • Letters
  • Animals
  • Shapes
  • Colors


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