JumpStart Spy Masters: Max Strikes Back is the second-half of the JumpStart Spy Masters series & the sequel to JumpStart Spy Masters: Unmask the Prankster.



  • HQ - This is where the user goes after completing a mission.
  • Lab - Here the user connects molecules with words on them organized according to their lexical category.
  • Spy Masters Online - This is an Internet game where one has to get the flag from the other team.

Adventure Valley

  • Candy Factory - An area very similar to the Lab.
  • Underwater Lab - Here the user must try to get the submarine get the correct math answer.
  • Windmill - Here the user must try get the desired number by hitting balls with numbers.
  • Arcade - An area very similar to the Windmill.
  • Jungle - Here the user must try to get the correct words while avoiding obstacles.
  • Biosphere - Here the user must try to answer questions in order to get to the center.
  • Anti-Gravity Field - An area very similar to the Biosphere.
  • Hydroplant - Here the user must connect some pipes together before the water comes in.
  • Sunken Ship - An area similar to the Underwater Lab.
  • Underwater Cave - An area similar to the Hydroplant.
  • Max's Hideout - Located near the waterfall; an area similar to the Jungle.



Goal: Here, you must destroy one robot.


  • Outside city

1. Cloud of Mystery

Goal: Get rid of the mysterious cloud.


  1. Underwater Lab
  2. Windmill

2. Animal Mix-Up

Goal: Turn the animals back to normal.


  1. Jungle
  2. Lab

3. Eruption of Goo

Goal: Stop the volcano from erupting taffy.


  1. Candy Factory
  2. Hydroplant
  3. Anti-Gravity Field

4. Max on the Moon

Goal: Remove Max's face off the Moon.


  1. Sunken Ship
  2. Underwater Cave
  3. Biosphere

5. To Capture Max

Goal: Find out where Max is hiding.


  1. Sunken Ship
  2. Arcade
  3. Underwater Lab
  4. Underwater Cave

6. Clones

Goal: Stop the process of the Max-clones.


  1. Lab
  2. Jungle
  3. Biosphere
  4. Candy Factory

7. The Cave

Goal: Find Max's Hideout.


  1. Windmill
  2. Sunken Ship
  3. Hydroplant
  4. Max's Hideout

8. Max Saves the Day

Goal: Stop the Goo Monster!!


  1. Max's Hideout
  2. Candy Factory
  3. Underwater Lab
  4. Anti-Gravity Field
  5. Windmill


  • Aqua Suit: A diving suit; used for going into water.


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