The JumpStart Subjects series is a sub-series of JumpStart games released from 1996-1999. All of the games in this series focus on expanding on a particular subject, to address that subject in more depth than a full curriculum game could.

All of the games in the JumpStart Subjects line feature protagonists from previous JumpStart products, and most of them maintain grade/age associations for each character from previous games. None of the games in the series feature any apparent continuity to each other.

List of Games in the Series

Series Description

The JumpStart Subjects line mainly consists of games focused on teaching math and language arts skills. Six games in the series are based on teaching either math or reading skills for grades kindergarten through second grade. The games in this set also received two bundle releases: the JumpStart Learn to Read bundle, which contained the kindergarten through second grade reading games, and the JumpStart Math Mastery bundle, which contained the kindergarten through second grade math games.

JumpStart Spanish and JumpStart Typing have also been referred to as JumpStart Subjects games in some promotional material, though they are also sometimes referred "Learning Tools games" instead. Unlike the math and reading focused games, these two games are not aimed at a specific grade level. However, it can be noted that the age range for each of the games roughly matches up with the games they correlate to; JumpStart Spanish is aimed at lower age range close to the target age range for JumpStart Kindergarten (1994), and JumpStart Typing is aimed a higher age range close to JumpStart Adventures 3rd Grade: Mystery Mountain's target age range.

JumpStart Phonics Learning System has also been treated as a JumpStart Subjects game similar to the above, although this game features a range of characters from multiple grade levels.


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