The JumpStart Updated series is a line of JumpStart games released from 1997 to 2000. It consists of several games aimed at specific age groups/grades, with the intent of teaching a full curriculum for that age group/grade.

The term "Updated series" is used on this wiki for convenience's sake, and it is not a term officially used by JumpStart to categorize these games. The term draws from the fact that most of the games in this series were advertised as "all new versions" of older JumpStart games that had addressed curriculum for the same grade/age group (see: the JumpStart Classic series). In particular, the first game in this series to be released, JumpStart Kindergarten (1997), very closely resembles its 1994 counterpart, though most other games in this series differentiate themselves from their "classic" counterparts more.

List of Games in this Series

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