JumpStart has released various toys over the years, such as puzzles, figures, card games, and dedicated consoles.


In 1999, Toymax released a series of dedicated consoles intended to mainly teach math and spelling concepts for first and second grade.

In 2000, Briarpatch released three jigsaw puzzles featuring JumpStart characters, as well as two card games.

In 2003, four figures based off of the JumpStart Advanced series were released with Dairy Queen kids meals. That same year, four different toys were released with select Fazoli's kids meals.

In 2007, Knowledge Adventure released a set of flash cards with the JumpStart Ready to Learn System bundle.

In 2008, KIDdesgins, Inc. released four electronic toys based off of the JumpStart World series.

Around possibly 2007 or 2008, trading cards were included with certain releases of JumpStart 3D Virtual World series games.

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