Jungle Bowling is an activity in JumpStart Reading for First Graders and one of Slick Sid's arcade games. It is accessed by clicking on the left arcade machine.



Frankie will say a word, and the player must spell it. To do so, the player must place a coconut on the bug at the bottom of an open lane and let it roll to the end of the lane. If the player rolls a coconut into the wrong spot, s/he can knock it out by rolling another one in it's place. The replaced coconut can then be rolled again. A magenta-colored monkey will move from side-to-side. If a coconut rolls into him, he'll eat it, and the player will have to roll it again. If the player spells the word correctly, Frankie will spell it, and one of the flowers on the right will bloom. If the player correctly spells 5 words, the machine will give him/her a ticket.

Difficulty Level Differences

Level 1

The player spells 3-letter words.

Level 2

The player spells 4-letter words.

Level 3

The player spells 5-letter words.


  • Nothing happens when the player clicks on a closed lane, except that Slick Sid says to place it in an open lane.
  • If the monkey eats a coconut, Frankie will say "Oh no, that monkey ate the coconut!"