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Kat is a female cat-mermaid character who appears in World of JumpStart.


Kat has white fur with a large curl on top of her head, a pale pink nose, and dark eyes. Her lower body resembles that of a fish, and is mostly bluish-green. She wears a pinkish-purple crop top.


Kat likes fashion and glamorous things. She comes from a family of fashion models, starting with her great grandmother. She commonly addresses others as "darling".

In the Games

JumpStart Advanced K-2: Lost Island Quest

World of JumpStart

Kat appears in Merllywood in MarineLand. She is the first MarineLand character that the player meets in World Of Jumpstart. The player completes missions for Kat to earn Sand Dollars. She also appears in the fashion-based activity Trendy Tides, where she is one of three judges who will evaluate the player's outfit.


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