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The Land of Music is a location appearing exclusively in JumpStart Music. It is the main setting for the game.

Appearance and Characteristics

In the Land of Music, nearly everything and everyone is musical. Many of the buildings and landmarks resemble musical instruments. There is a long brick road called Blue Rhythm Road which runs through all of the Land of Music. The Land of Music is also full of many lush forests, as well as some more industrial areas.


  • Conductor - A man who works at the concert hall.
  • Melody - A young girl who likes making melodies.
  • Heloise Hippo - A cheerful hippo who likes making beats with her belly.
  • Billy - A goat who performs in a band. He plays a trash can like a drum.
  • Cool Cat - A cat who performs in a band. He plays a set of drums.
  • Gorilla
  • Monkey
  • Sir Sournote - A villain who plots to ruin music in the Land of Music. He is seemingly the only resident who doesn't like music.

In the Game

The Land of Music is threatened by Sir Sournote, who intends to ruin music there by souring all of the musical notes. Hopsalot sets out on a journey through the Land of Music to collect all of the soured notes and bring them to the concert hall to make them sweet again. The player leads him through eight overhead-view maps of the Land of Music, each of which has three to four activities.



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