Madame Pomreeda is a female human character who appears exclusively in JumpStart Adventures 4th Grade: Haunted Island.


Madame Pomreeda wears a blue cloak with yellow stars and crescent moons down the front, and a light cream-colored shirt underneath it. She wears a cream-colored shawl around her head and neck. She also wears a blue hat with a veil that opens and closes like a curtain. She has dark blue irises.


Madame Pomreeda has a calm and mysterious demeanor. She is sympathetic towards the kids who have been turned into monsters by Ms. Grunkle, and is determined to help the player restore them. According to Flap, Madame Pomreeda has a "rotten sense of humor," considering the bugs in the Spider's Web activity to be cute.

In the Games

JumpStart Adventures 4th Grade: Haunted Island (1996)

Madame Pomreeda is a fortune teller who resides in a circus carriage at the end of the island opposite of Ms. Grunkle's house. For each quest, Madame Pomreeda gives the player four cards, each of which contains two challenges. The player must complete all of the challenges to collect possessions belonging to the kids. After the player has finished the challenges, Madame Pomreeda will use the collected objects to determine what the child's true personality is and recite a poem aloud to change the kid back.

The player can visit Madame Pomreeda at any time by clicking on the crystal ball icon in the toolbar.

Voice Samples

4h pomreeda voice
From: JumpStart Adventures 4th Grade: Haunted Island
Voice Credit: Jeannie Elias


  • "Oh, I'm so glad you've come. I've been expecting you. The children certainly need your help. Can you believe that dreadful Ms. Grunkle had turned those sweet, innocent children into monsters by depriving them of their favorite possessions? Didn't need a crystal ball to see that one was trouble. Fortunately, I've found some magic cards that will help us bring them back."
  • "Dear crystal, dear ball, don't stop till you show us all."
  • "Oh, I'm so glad the fates chose you. With your brains and my brawn, we'll have those kids back in no time."



  • Madame Pomreeda's name is a play on 'palm reader'.
  • In the finale, the crystal ball and the carriage become locked and can't be used anymore.
  • Madame Pomreeda's quest cards have a different set of objects around the edges for each kid. The objects reflect each kid's personality.
  • Madame Pomreeda is most likely enemies with Ms. Grunkle, since Ms. Grunkle mentions Madame Pomreeda being responsible for the player acquiring her wand.