Maestro Trombot, also called Maestro for short, is a male-programmed robot character who appears exclusively in JumpStart Adventures 3rd Grade: Mystery Mountain.


Maestro Trombot has a somewhat pear-shaped body. He is mostly dull grayish-cream colored, with a white and gray torso that resembles a suit. He has thin metal arms with claw-like hands, brown metal that looks like hair on top of his head, and a black curly mustache. He stands on a single wheel.

In the Game

Maestro Trombot is ahead of the All-Winning, All-Robot Chorus at the Music Hall. He speaks with an Italian-sounding accent & his name is an obvious alteration of "trombone."

During the Music Hall activity, Maestro Trombot is able to play six different instruments: the piano, guitar, flute, cello, French horn, and bassoon. He usually picks up an instrument to play it, but for the violin, he actually turns his whole body into a violin.

Polly seems to like giving teasing nicknames to Maestro Trombot as she does with Botley, such as calling him "Dingbot". Maestro Trombot believes that if Polly were to pay more attention to her music lessons, she would be more well-behaved.


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