Measure for Measure is an activity in JumpStart 1st Grade (1995). It is accessed by clicking on the cooking machine in the kitchen. It is designed to teach math and reading skills for first graders.



The kitchen in the first grade classroom contains a machine that can be used to make food. Frankie and the player can help make food for the school's cafeteria lady, Ms. Pickles, by following the instructions on the recipe cards. Frankie shows each recipe with ingredients on the card.


The activity takes place in a section of the kitchen that contains a machine and many ingredients surrounding it. Recipe cards are located in the red box. A single recipe card will taken out of it. Each recipe card contains a list of ingredients and measurements for a certain food. The player must correctly measure each ingredient and add it to the machine to successfully make the food.

First, the player must select a measuring utensil, either a measuring cup, a tablespoon, or a teaspoon. Each type of utensil comes in four sizes, ranging from one fourth to one whole. After the player has selected a utensil, then they should click on the required ingredient, and then click on the machine to add it. After a correctly measured ingredient has been added, it will be crossed out on the recipe card.

When all of the ingredients have been correctly measured and added, pressing the red button on the machine will create the recipe food. If the player adds an incorrectly measured ingredient, adds an ingredient that isn't in the recipe, or presses the button before all of the required ingredients have been added, then the "glop monster" appears instead.


The recipes that the player can make are:

  • Banana Bread Bones
  • Bow-Wow Bagels
  • Doggie Doughnuts
  • JumpStart Gingerbread
  • Frankie's Fantastic Fudge
  • Bus Stop Brownies
  • Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies
  • Miss Pickles' Peanut Butter Pizzazz
  • Very Vanilla Ice Cream
  • Mrs. Flores' Magnificent Mousse
  • The Principal's Prize Pretzels
  • Muffins
  • Wild Waffles
  • Crazy Caramel Corn
  • Puppy Peanut Butter Bars

Digital manual description

Click on the baking machine to play Frankie's Fantastic Recipe Game.

Follow the recipe and bake the goodies with Frankie.

To add an ingredient, click on the measuring cup or spoon you want to use, then click on the ingredient required by the recipe. Then put the ingredient into the oven by clicking on the funnel on top of the oven.

Once you've mixed all the ingredients, click on the red button on the oven.

If you've got all the ingredients you need, the item will slide out of the oven. Be careful—if you don't get it right, the Glop Monster will visit.

To return to the kitchen, click on the big Red Arrow in the upper, left corner.

To make this game harder or easier, click on the level gauge at the upper, left corner.

To see how close you are to earning another milk cap, click on the picture of the Milk Cap Mouse in the upper, left corner of the screen.

The recipes in JumpStart First Grade are not real. (For example, you wouldn't really want to cook pizzas with flies or bake Bow-Wow Bagels.)