The Milk Cap Mouse is a male mouse character who appears exclusively in JumpStart 1st Grade (1995).


The Milk Cap Mouse has brown fur, a black nose, and beady eyes. He wears a black tuxedo when he is on the screen that is accessed by clicking on his icon, and he wears a pale bluish-gray tuxedo when he is seen at the Milky Way. He always wears a red bow tie. He is always seen from only the waist up. Usually the insides of his ears are brown, but during the Music in the Mouse Hole activity, they appear to be pink.


The Milk Cap Mouse acts somewhat like a show host or an announcer. When the player clicks on his icon, he appears under a spotlight. He begins by saying, "Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen!", and speaks as though he is talking to an audience.

In the Game

The Milk Cap Mouse keeps track of the points that the player earns by completing activities. When the player earns 100 points in a skill category (either math, reading, nature, or time), the Milk Cap Mouse will reward the player by allowing them to pick out a milk cap from his collection. The colors come in Christmas and UCLA.

The Milk Cap Mouse has his own icon, which appears at the top of the screen during every activity that the player earns points from. Clicking on the icon will bring up a small screen, in which the Milk Cap Mouse shows how many points the player currently has in each category. This screen will automatically appear when the player has earned 100 points in one of the categories, and the Milk Cap Mouse will congratulate on winning a milk cap.

The Milk Cap Mouse resides in a spot called the "Milky Way", which is located in the "Hole in the Wall Club". This can be seen in the Music in the Mouse Hole activity. If the player clicks on him during this activity, he will tell him or her to return when they have 100 points. The player is automatically taken to the Milky Way when they have collected 100 points so he or she can pick out a milk cap.


  • "Come back when you've won 100 points, then I'll let you take one of my fantastic milk caps."
  • "Our player is only (number up to 100) points away from winning a brand new Math/Reading/Nature/Time cap."
  • "Congratulations! You just won a brand new Math/Reading/Nature/Time cap!"
  • "Click on the cap that you want to take. Click on the left and right arrows to see more caps."
  • "You already have one of those. Click on it again if you really want another."