Mort is a male-programmed robot who appears exclusively in JumpStart Adventures 3rd Grade: Mystery Mountain.


Mort has a light orange body. His torso is quite large, his legs are small and short, and he has wide shoulders. He wears a white cloth tied around the back of his head. His head somewhat resembles a bowl, fitting considering his personality. He has a hatch on his chest where he stores the invention points and mission clues.

Personality and characteristics

Mort is described as one of the nicer robots in the mountain by Botley, but he is known to get cranky when hungry. He has a rather flowery way of talking and speaks in a gravelly tone. Within the game's universe, all robots have voracious appetites, but Mort in particular has been nicknamed "The Bottomless Pit" by the other androids. Though he loves eating food, he doesn't know how to cook. Although Mort has no problem ingesting things like machine parts, he is rather picky about what he wants, and how much of it he wants. Mort doesn't have an obvious "purpose" like the other robots, although he says he knows a lot about math and measurements.

In the Game

Mort appears in the kitchen activity, where the object is to feed him. Mort will specify certain measurements of each ingredient in his food. If he's fed anything in the wrong amount, or something he didn't ask for, he'll suffer a stomach ache or an allergic reaction.


  • "I'm so glad you're here! My blood sugar's dropping!"
  • "Hey! Hey! Hey! I'm growing weak with hunger!"
  • "Oh, please hurry! I'm faint with hunger!"
  • "You added/multiplied the numbers correctly, but the results are too big to fit on one tile. So we need to carry this extra amount to the next column. Okay, now the extra amount in the ones/tens place has been carried over to the tens/hundreds place."
  • "It looks like the number on the bottom it too big to be subtracted from the number on the top. That means we'll have to borrow. Ten tens/ones have borrowed to the hundreds/tens column and added to the tens/ones column. Now you can subtract the numbers from the top column."


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