Mrs. Beasley is a female-programmed robot who appears exclusively in JumpStart Adventures 3rd Grade: Mystery Mountain.


Mrs. Beasley has a purple torso with a broad pink stripe in the middle. In place of legs, the lower segment of her torso expands like a dress and then tapers off, and she hovers above the ground instead of walking. Her "skin", as visible on her face and arms, is a very pale blue. She has large eyes with thick lashes and what appears to be purple eyeshadow, large red lips, stick-like ears that end in round purple "earrings", and tall blue hair. She has thin arms that connect to her body in what appear to be short, round sleeves, and her hands have the appearance of wearing long purple evening gloves. She also appears to be wearing an orange bead necklace.

Personality and characteristics

Mrs. Beasley is the archivist of the Art Gallery, a job which she seems to be diligent and passionate about. She apparently loves organizing the digital art in the Virtual Collection and she therefore has little patience with Polly, who frequently leaves the art unorganized.

She is one of the older models, and she doesn't see what the fuss is about brand new robots.

In the Game

Mrs. Beasley appears in the Art Gallery and offers advice and direction in the Professor's Virtual Collection.


  • Despite being named Mrs. Beasley, she is never shown to have a husband.


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