Ms. Nobel's Gravity Song is a song that appears in JumpStart 1st Grade (2000).


Ms. Nobel's Gravity Song is one of the songs that can be listened to at the Music Room. It teaches the concept of gravity.


So I suppose you've heard the story of Jack and Jill,
Well, do you recall, they took a spill?
It's 'cause of gravity!
Got pulled by gravity!
The buckets they were carrying were heavy and full.
Gravity! Hey, gravity!
Gravity! They both had gravity!
The bigger the object,
The stronger the pull.
You know that gravity's a force we cannot resist,
If it wasn't here, we would not exist.
It always holds ya' down
So you stay on the ground.
It's why we hit the dirt every time that we run.
Gravity! Yeah, gravity!
Gravity! This thing called gravity...
Keeps us on this planet
As we orbit the sun.
I'll tell you all an amazing thing,
For what it's worth...
You'd weigh more on Jupiter
Than you do on Earth!

Instrumental break

Did you know what you weigh
Depends on the place you are?
If you live on Earth
Or some distant star.
You could lose gravity...
Yes! Have less gravity...
If you could take a rocket and live on the moon!
Woh, gravity!
You'd have less gravity
You'd feel just like hot air
Inside a balloon! Balloon!

Song Credits

Music: Randy Hale
Lyrics: Adryan Russ

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