Ms. Winkle is Polly's school teacher in JumpStart Adventures 3rd Grade: Mystery Mountain.


In the game, Ms. Winkle is a young black woman with short, dark brown hair and red lips. She wears a purple turtleneck shirt.

In the game's original box art and in the digital manual, Ms. Winkle is depicted as a middle-aged Caucasian woman. This has since been corrected in newer releases.

Personality and characteristics

Ms. Winkle speaks in a rather high-pitched voice and seems to get a bit over-enthused about what she's teaching. She always has a cheerful demeanor.

In the Games

JumpStart Adventures 3rd Grade: Mystery Mountain (1996)

Ms. Winkle teaches at the JumpStart Adventures 3rd Grade Schoolhouse, which is located on a hill near Mystery Mountain. There, she uses a device called the TransQuizzer to record her tests. She is briefly seen talking to Polly on a computer screen in Mystery Mountain.

JumpStart Typing (1997)

Ms. Winkle has a cameo appearance. She's seen sitting in the bleachers chewing gum after blowing a bubble at the same time for "The Fans Go Wild" game.


  • Coincidentally, Ms. Winkle shares her name with a character from another educational software product, Ms. Winkle's Class, released in 1994 by Abudoe Software.

Voice Samples

3G ms winkle voice
From: JumpStart Adventures 3rd Grade: Mystery Mountain
Voice Credit: Jeannie Elias


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