The Mummy's Tomb is an activity in JumpStart Adventures 4th Grade: Haunted Island. It is intended to teach history at a fourth grade level.


The Haunted Island's Egyptian tomb is like a museum, library, and storage shed in one place. The last person left this place a long time ago without putting the stone tablets away, so it's the player's job to uncover mummies that are buried under the tablets. Three mummies must be revealed to complete this mission.


The activity resembles a simplified version of Mahjong solitaire, with a total of 28 stone tablets on a sarcophagus. The stone tablets obscuring the mummy each contain images or text pertaining to a certain historical subject. These subjects may be people, places, things, or events. The player must match tiles that pertain to the same subject. The player can only select tiles that aren't covered by others -- at least two adjoining sides must be free. Clicking on hidden tiles will make an evil growl. Selecting two tiles that don't match will yield a screeching sound. If there are no more possible moves, the activity resets. The player can learn more about a subject by selecting the magnifying glass, and then clicking on a tile (doing so can help them figure out what tiles match, even if they're covered).

After three mummies have been uncovered, the activity is completed.

Difficulty level differences

Thought the layout of the tiles remains the same on all levels, finding and making matches becomes harder as the difficulty increases.

Digital manual description

4h mummy tomb manual

Digital manual image

Ancient Egyptian tablets have been knocked to the ground. Match the correct historical people, things, and events to carefully clear the tomb. Your goal is to remove all the tablets by clicking on pairs of related tablets.

  • Tablets can only be selected if they are uncovered and free on two adjoining sides. To select a Tablet, click on it. It is now highlighted.
  • Now find the tablet that matches the highlighted tablet. It might be a picture, a related fact, or a name. There can be more than one matching set of tablets. You can only match two tablets at a time, so you'll have to use a strategy to make the best selection.
  • When you've made a match, the tablets disappear.
  • To get some cool "up-close" information about the facts on the tablets, click on the Magnifying glass then click on a tablet.



JumpStart 4th Grade - Mummy Tomb

JumpStart 4th Grade - Mummy Tomb