The Music Room is an activity and location in JumpStart 1st Grade (2000). The activity is designed to teach music concepts at a first grade level.


At the Music Room, the player can either listen to songs or create their own music from a selection of instruments. There are eight songs:

Music Maker on the Pipe Organ

The pipe organ is an instrument with a keyboard.

Musical Instruments

  • guitar
  • trumpet
  • flute
  • violin
  • organ


Digital manual description

Mr. Ditty, the Music Teacher, wants you to come in and play his instruments. You can join Frankie and Mr. Ditty as they dance around to songs performed by the 1st Grade staff. There are 8 songs in all, including 2 different versions of the JumpStart 1st Grade 2001 theme song. Click on the boom box to start the fun. Explore the music room or make your own music on the Music Maker by clicking on it.

Music Maker

Compose your own music!

  • Keys - Click on the keys or use the numbers (1 to 0) on your keyboard to play.
  • Songs - Enhance a song by Mr. Ditty by adding your own special touch.
  • Instruments - Select an instrument to play with on the organ.
  • Tempos - Choose a predefined tempo to add to the complexity of your music.
  • Record - Click once to record and another time to stop recording.
  • Play - Play your saved song. You can only save one song at a time.


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